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EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD and their editorial experience

EDITORIAL EXPERTISE for Discoveries and Discoveries Reports

     The Editorial ADVISORY BOARD analyses and provides recommendations on all scientific, ethical and editorial aspects of the process:

Our Senior Editors (also members of the Advisory Board) are selected from well recognized researchers either in leadership positions (chairs/directors of research institutes/departments/divisions; research programs directors) or with extensive editorial experience gained with other journals. These are ones of the most respected researchers/clinicians in their fields of specialization. Their expertise and advice is critical for maintaining high editorial and publishing standards, and for an optimal development of the journal. Currently, we are proud of our over 120 Editors and 53 members of our Advisory Board.

More than half of our Advisory Board's members and many of the regular Editors also serve as Editors for a wide range of peer-reviewed journals in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and related disciplines. At least 5 of our Senior Editors have Editor-in-Chief experience with other journals. 20 examples are mentioned here:
Alex Almasan, PhD (Editor - Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics; Guest Editor – Cells) ,
Victor Velculescu, MD, PhD (Editor - Cancer Discovery (leading AACR journal); Editor – eLife),
Jack Lawler, PhD (Guest Editor – Current Drug Targets),
Sorin Draghici, PhD (Editor - IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology & International Journal of Functional Informatics and Personalized Medicine),
George A. Calin, MD, PhD (Editor-in-Chief - Non-Coding RNA; Editor – Molecular Cancer Research),
Towia A. Libermann, PhD (Editor-in-Chief - Open Proteomics Journal; Editor - Cancer Research),
Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD (Editor - Journal of Neurological Disorders),
Nicole Suciu-Foca, PhD (former Editor-in-Chief - Human Immunology (1997-2003)),
George C. Tsokos, MD (Editor-in-Chief - Clinical Immunology; editor of over 50 journals),
Dario Marchetti, PhD (Editor-in-Chief - The Journal of Gene Therapy; editor/editorial board of Cancer Microenvironment, Tumor Viruses, Vascular Cell, Clinical & Experimental Pathology, International Journal of Oncology, Cancer Letters, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry & Cancer Metastasis Reviews),
Stefan N. Constantinescu (Editor - Journal of Normal and Malignant Hemopoiesis & JCMM),
Stefan Riedel (Editor - Journal of Clinical Microbiology),
Ramon Parsons (Editor - Cancer Research (AACR) and other journals),
Garth L. Nicolson (served on the Editorial Boards of over 25 medical and scientific journals),
Dorina Avram (Editorial Board - International Journal of Biotechnology Research),
Dale F. Mierke (Editor - Journal of Peptide Science),
Nikolaos G. Frangogiannis (Editor - Circulation Research & J Lab Clin Med),
Joachim Jankowski (Editor - Biomarker, Kidney International, Clinical proteomics & World J Nephrol),
Bhanu P. Jena (Editor for several peer-reviewerd, international journals),
Des R. Richardson (Editor - Vitamins & Minerals),

In addition to our Senior Editors/Advisory Board Members, Discoveries' Editorial Board is completed by over 65 Editors, internationally recognized scientists with significant contributions to science. The Editorial Board is expanding to form a diverse team of experts in all fields related to Biology, Medicine and Chemistry.
MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO BECOME AN EDITOR: with very few exceptions, the existing editors were previously recommended and endorsed by an existing Senior Editor or the Editors-in-Chief. Currently, we only accept researchers that are principal investigators at the assistant professor/group leader levels or above, who published a minimum of 10 articles in recognized peer-reviewerd articles, with a minimum of 4 articles as the main author (first/shared first, corresponding/shared corresponding author). These minimum requirements do not guarantee the acceptance as an Editor and additional evaluation of the researcher's accomplishments is performend by the Senior Editors and the Editors-in-Chief. Previous editorial expertise is highly recommented. Exceptions of the minimum requirements can be made only if the applicant has a proven record of Nature, Science or Cell-family publications as the main author, which significantly impacted the scientific progress. 

We thank to all our Editors and Advisory Board members for their useful recommendations, constructive critiques and appreciations expressed during our over 10 years of existence! All your constructive and encouraging comments made our progress happen!





News & Events Latest news from our journals.

  • 2022| Discoveries Reports

    Access the new website of DISCOVERIES REPORTS at: discoveries-reports.com. 

  • 2022, April| AWARDS!

    2022 Discoveries Award winning articles!

    - Kinal Bhatt et al. 2021 (Larking Health System, FL, USA); Bhatt K, Agolli A, Patel MH, et al. High mortality co-infections of COVID-19 patients: mucormycosis and other fungal infections. Discoveries. 2021;9(1):e126. 
    27 citations in the past 1 year - $1000 prize

    - Hasnain Jan et al. 2020 (Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan); Jan H, Faisal S, Khan A, et al. COVID-19: Review of Epidemiology and Potential Treatments Against 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Discoveries. 2020;8(2):e108. 
    23 citations in the past 2 years - $400 prize

    Congratulations! Prizes will be received by the awardees in July, 2022!.

  • 2021, January| AWARDS!

    2022 DISCOVERIES AWARDS! Discoveries will offer $1000 and $400 awards in early 2022, for the most cited (2021 ISI Citations) and visible (Altmetric Score) articles published in 2018-2021.

  • 2020, November| Discoveries on Twitter!

    You can now follow the latest Discoveries news and updates on Twitter! (@DiscoveriesNews) 

  • 2020, August| For Authors!

    Due to a high volume of article submissions, our peer-review process takes more than usual. The pre-screening decision is released in 1-2 days, while the peer-review process lasts between 10 and 20 days.  

  • 2020, April | For Authors!

    WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY MISCONDUCT! Please be aware that we are testing all received articles with specialized software for PLAGIARISM and WE WILL TAKE MEASURES if your article is already published or in consideration for publication by other journals! This may result in serious professional consequences for the authors. The latest striking case is the following article which is already published and was re-submitted here.  

  • 2020, April | For Authors!

    We are happy to let you know that all articles published in Discoveries are now on PubMedCentral (PMC). New accepted articles will be included in PMC and PubMed within 1-2 weeks after their publication.

  • 2020, January | For Authors!

    Starting in January 2020, Discoveries will also consider articles submitted by Discoveries' Editorial Board members. However, only a small number of such articles (maximum 4 articles/year) will be considered for publication after the peer-review process, and the authors who are also our editors will be clearly disclosed. 

  • 2019, September | Indexed by PMC

    Discoveries is now indexed by PubMedCentral and Pubmed. The agreement with US National Library of Medicine was signed on September 10, 2019. Our next step is ISI Web of Science indexing. NOTE: previously published articles will be included on PubMed in early 2020.

  • 2019, September | PubMed inclusion!

    We are happy to let you know that Discoveries successfuly passed the last step (Technical Review) required for PubMedCentral and PubMed inclusion!

  • 2019, June | PubMed inclusion News!

    We are happy to receive positive comments from PMC/NLM-NIH regarding Discoveries' last step (Technical Review) required for PubMedCentral and PubMed inclusion. We will let you know once whole indexing process is completed. 

  • 2018-2019 | For Authors!

    From now on and for at least 1 year, we will only accept articles from authors that are NOT members of Discoveries' Editorial Board. All articles submitted by our editors will be immediately rejected until further notice. 

  • 2018 | PubMed inclusion News!

    Discoveries successfully passed the Scientific Quality Review by NLM-NIH for PubMedCentral and PubMed indexing. This is the first and the most important step towards PubMedCentral and PubMed indexing! The second (last) step is the Technical Review.

  • April 2016 | Faster Peer-Review

    Starting on April 13th, all articles selected for a peer-review will receive the post peer-review decision within 10 days. The initial pre-screening time will remain the same (48h from the submission of the manuscript). This decision will significantly accelerate the publication, with no effect on the quality of the peer-review process.

  • February 2016 | Manuscript submission

    Discoveries is commited to excellence, quality and high editorial standards. We are receiving an increasing number of manuscripts for which the identity of the authors/corresponding author can't be verified. Please NOTE that ALL these articles were and will be immediately REJECTED. Indicating an institutional email address is the easiest way to overcome this problem! Moreover, we do not accept any pressure on our editorial board to accept a manuscript. This results in a prompt rejection of the article.

    Editorial Policies
  • January 2016 |Discoveries-AIM

    After reaching all proposed milestones until now (including being indexed by Google Scholar in 2014), Discoveries' next Aim is PubMed indexing of all its articles (already published and upcoming). There will be no charge for the submission or publication of articles in Discoveries before PubMed indexing.

  • August 2015 | Discoveries - on PubMed

    We are happy to announce that our first Discoveries articles were included in PMC and PubMed. More articles (submitted by NIH funded articles) are now processed for being included.

    Discoveries articles now on PubMed
  • April 2015 | Special Issue

    DISCOVERIES publish the SPECIAL ISSUE entitled "INFLAMMATION BETWEEN DEFENSE AND DISEASE: Impact on Tissue Repair and Chronic Sickness".

    Special Issue on "Inflammation"
  • 2015 | Ischemia Collection

    DISCOVERIES launched a call for papers for a Collection of Articles with focus on "ISCHEMIA". If you are interested to submit a manuscript, please contact us at info@discoveriesjournals.org

  • October 2014 | Special Issue

    DISCOVERIES launched a call for papers, for the SPECIAL ISSUE entitled "INFLAMMATION BETWEEN DEFENSE AND DISEASE: Impact on Tissue Repair and Chronic Sickness".

  • September 2014 | Special Issue

    DISCOVERIES just publish the SPECIAL ISSUE entitled "CELL SECRETION & MEMBRANE FUSION" in September 2014. Initially scheduled for publication between October 2014-March 2015, this issue was successfully published earlier than scheduled. 

    Special Issue
  • April 2014 | Indexed by Google Scholar

    All our published articles are now indexed by Google Scholar! Current citations for each individual article published in either Discoveries or Discoveries Reports are also shown. First citations to Discoveries articles are included! Search for the article's title or the authors:

    Google Scholar Search

  • July 2013 | Manuscript Submission

    Submit your manuscript FREE, FAST and EASY ! (in less than 1 minute)
    There are NO fees for the manuscript submission or publishing of the accepted manuscripts.

    Read more

  • July 2013 | DISCOVERIES

    We are now ACCEPTING MANUSCRIPTS for publishing in DISCOVERIES. We aim to publish a small number of high impact experimental articles & reviews (around 40/year) to maintain a high impact factor. Domains of interest: all areas related to Medicine, Biology and Chemistry ...

    Read more


    We are now ACCEPTING MANUSCRIPTS for DISCOVERIES REPORTS, publishing inovative and important research findings from all areas related to Medicine, Biology and Chemistry. We are also accepting experimental articles that validate/invalidate highly used reagents in current publications (ex. antibodies) and selected articles presenting negative data with impact and of wide scientific interest ...

    Read more

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